The latest TV1 opinion poll, released last night, showed that National now has a eighteen point lead over Labour.

Guyon Espiner's take on this poll was that it was a very large lead and it would be difficult for Labour to claw back into election contention. Remember - Espiner gets paid a lot of money for stating the obvious.

Yet, when the last opinion poll showed that National had only just a six point lead over Labour, Espiner told us that we could not write Labour off!

If the next poll shows National to have, say, a nine point lead we can expect Espiner to tell us that Labour is making a comeback.

Such is the lunacy of political poll journalism. But its easier - and cheaper - than going out and doing some real investigative work.

Espiner's sad commentary is perhaps only marginally better than TV3's Duncan 'Scoop' Garner. He confidently predicted that Winston Peters would be sacked by last Thursday afternoon. Nice one, Dunc..


  1. dude,
    I pick the photoshop Helengrand to pick up lots of points.
    John Key has failed to do a Winston Peters or Rob Muldoon on us, that is capture some spirit of the people.

    Maori will revert and downgrade to Labour, lottsa seats
    Winston may still claim his ground with Labour 5%.
    Peter's Done will go where he will go.
    Green as usual 5% back labour, who will die for the cause this year.
    not Rod maybe Jeanette.
    ACT. Rodney is looking gay so he can't claim more than two bottoms on seats.

    NAT need big margins to win this election and so far they are not up to it.

    Flee now New Zealanders to a
    new country and a new life
    NZ is fucked in the immediate future.


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