Struggling property developer and Christchurch City Council benificiary Dave Henderson is being chased by the taxman for more unpaid tax.

The Press is reporting that the High Court in Christchurch has allowed Inland Revenue to pursue a Henderson company, Tannadyce Investments Ltd (TIL), for $356,686 tax for the 2002-2004 income tax years. Henderson says he owes nothing.

Henderson argued the demand should be set aside to give it time to ask the High Court to review the Inland Revenue commissioner's assessment, "including its lawfulness and fairness".

But Associate Judge Tony Christiansen said Henderson fell far short of showing he was entitled to seek a High Court review of the commissioner's decision. His objections could be dealt with under the procedures for disputes in a detailed legislative scheme.

Tannadyce and Henderson have until the end of the month comply with the demand. Costs were awarded against Tannadyce.


  1. might have to rewrite a new book called 'be very afraid'


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