Failed property developer and Christchurch City Council beneficiary Dave Henderson has narrowly escaped the wrath of the taxman again - but its only a short reprieve.

Yesterday in the Christchurch High Court, the Inland Revenue sought to liquidate his company, Tannadyce Investments Ltd, over a GST debt of about $120,000 dating from 2002.

The Inland Revenue is also chasing the company for $356,000 in tax arrears for the 2002-2004 tax years but that is being contested by Henderson in a yet another Hendo legal manoeuvre.

The Inland Revenue are getting fed up with Henderson and counsel would not agree to Hendo's request for an adjournment over the GST debt. Pointedly, IRD counsel commented that Henderson was simply, yet again, mounting a last minute defence to delay proceedings.

Reports The Press:

'Austin Forbes, QC, for Henderson, said his client had never disputed the GST debt and had hoped it could be set off against a GST refund owed to him by Inland Revenue but that did not now appear to be available.'

Henderson was seeking a loan to repay the GST and had a letter from Secure Lending Ltd confirming the application had been made.

Forbes sought a seven-day adjournment.

The judge said it would not be in the interests of justice to liquidate the company since the debtor had a proposal. He adjourned the case to December 1.'

It's interesting to note that Henderson is seeking yet another loan to repay the debt. What's happened to the $17 million he got from the Mayor Sideshow Bob Parker and his council supporters?

Meanwhile, true to form, Henderson is wailing about the 'injustice' of it all:

"I have really had a gutsful of all this. ... I would have thought the IRD would be working to accommodate the simplest of arrangements and looking to minimise costs. Their desperation to cause me cost and grief is palpable."


Remember this is the guy whose companies owe tens of millions of dollars and have done their bit in sending various finance companies into the poo - the result being that thousands of small 'mum and dad' investors will be lucky to get any of their hard-earned money back.

What about their 'cost and grief', Dave?

Note: Isn't it interesting that Henderson's good mate Rodney Hide has been appointed Minister of Local Government? Will Hide be seeking the opinions of Henderson about how to 'trim' local government spending?


  1. Henderson is finished, abvsolutely and disgracefully,
    and he will fuck you and your idiot Councillors
    moron Bob Parker.

  2. Nobody seems to see the significance in the fact that the only way he continues to mount his ongoing weasel-words "challenges" and endless stalling manoeuvres through the courts is because his barrister, Forbes, is also one of Henderson's directors and shareholders. This man is the equal of Henderson, himself, in many ways, and is at the bottom of the pit when it comes to the dodgier barristers in the city. It's amazing the effectively pro-bono work that a barrister appears to be happy to perform when it's his own money at risk. Would he do the same for any of the more deserving or deprived members of society?

    (from Property Ventures Website:


    Dolf de Roos
    Founding Director

    Dave Henderson
    Managing Director

    Alister Johnston
    Independent Director

    Austin Forbes
    Independent Director)

  3. Thanks for pointing out Forbes director role - I should have seen that glaring connection.


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