I’ve written about Kiwi FM before, so I’m not going to restate my thoughts here, but its worthy of note that Kiwi has – again – failed miserably in the latest radio ratings.

Broadcasting in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, its nationwide ratings went up to 0.2% - from 0.1%. It’s hardly significant and is more proof – if more proof was needed – that this station is in rigor mortis.

Kiwi’s weekly cumulative audience fell from 20,000 to 19,200.

Normally I wouldn’t be all that corcerned about the ratings of commercial radio, but Kiwi (or is that Turkey?) continues to occupy the three FM frequencies that were reserved for a non-commercial youth radio network.

Despite the fact that the Labour Government publicly said that Kiwi had a year to prove itself, it is – some three years later – STILL broadcasting to an audience made up of Karyn Hay, Andrew Fagan and some of their friends.


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