Poor old Sideshow Bob - now some of his own council supporters don't want to back an appeal against the High Court's reversal of the massive twenty four percent council rent rise.

According to The Press It appears that both the unpopular Gail Sheriff and Claudia Reid, who voted for the increase, don't think an appeal woud be a good idea.

Sheriff last week threw a tantrum and publicly stated that all council housing should be hived off to Housing New Zealand - which would be in direct contravention of council policy.

Sideshow Bob has not publicly reprimanded Sheriff for failing to uphold council policy.

Councillors Mike Wall, David Cox, Bob Shearing, Ngaire Button, Sue Wells and Sideshow Bob - who all supported the increase and now with their credibility in tatters - are waiting for a final legal opinion from the council lawyers. These are the same lawyers who got it wrong in the first place.

It seems that Parker and his council cronies are finding it difficult to admit that the rise rise is now a non-starter. The maxim here would be - quit while you're behind.

Councillor Barry Corbett refused to talk to The Press. Apparently he's refused to talk to the newspaper for the past six months -which is somewhat ironic for a councillor who used to talk about 'accountability' and being 'available' to the public.


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