Sideshow Bob pointed to a big hole in the middle of the field.

'That's my hole,' he said proudly. 'And it's getting deeper everyday!'

Another day goes by and Mayor Sideshow Bob Parker just keeps on finding more ways to really annoy the fair citizens of Christchurch.

Now we learn that Sideshow Bob's arrogance is going to cost the ratepayer even more money.

Sideshow and his council cronies have sought advice on whether to appeal a High Court ruling that overturned a 24 per cent rent rise - and that advice is going to cost some $15,000.

Parker also said that an decison on an appeal would be made in a few days.

Of course this is the guy who also said that he had no intention of hocking off the council's social housing, so it comes as no surprise that the council will not vote on an appeal until December 19.

Councillor Yani Johanson has questioned the delay and makes a good point that it only took Mayor Parker and his council supporters four days to decide to give $17 million to failed property developer Dave Henderson.

But the big difference is that Henderson is one of Parker's mates.

Meanwhile it has emerged that the decision to stop maintenance work on council housing was never approved by counci itself. Yes, it was another one of those arbitrary decisions made by Parker and his righthand man, CEO Tony Marryatt.


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