I didn't see it on television but its now on You Tube, so here it is.

TV1's Breakfast host Paul Henry sinks to a new low this week, resorting to personal insults to attack his political opponents.

The unfortunate woman who is the subject of Henry's jeering is Greenpeace's Stephanie Mills.

It follows a long line of Henry insults thrown at people and organisations he doesn't like - and they are invariably liberal or left wing.

Don't expect TVNZ to do the right thing and sack him.


  1. Henry is an arrogant prat.
    Alison Mau struggled on but let herself down badly when she attempted to defend Henry.

  2. Im so sick of this smug sexist little pig fronting morning television.

    Of course they're playing this out in the herald and talk back, reving up the "Its PC gone mad" brigade.

    The little prick knows his failed neo-liberal beliefs no longer stack up so hes resorting to attacking the appearance of his opponents. What an asshole.

  3. What is it about TV "personalities " with the initials " P.H" ?

    The guy is a moron , we know that.

    The clip also says something about the sheep that watch his daily circus and who are so small minded they feel impelled to email him with their nasty and vacuous comments.

    Stephanie Mills has more integrity in her little toe than paul henry could ever muster .

    he IS a clown , but it looks as if that show is a bit of a circus so he's in the right place

  4. Hahaha Paul Henry was the first ever person in the World to lose an election to a transexual.

  5. This man is a amazing. In an overly PC world of boring farts your yourselves he is a refreshing change.

  6. To "anonymous" above. "Boring fart" you said. Well how refreshing is that?


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