Another day, another company liquidation notice.

Besieged property developer Dave Henderson collects company liquidation notices like some people collect stamps.

Three more of then appeared in yesterday’s Christchurch Press.

Cordner Hill Law are seeking to wind up three of Hendo's debt-ridden companies; Property Ventures, Anthem Vineyards and Naval Limited. The application will be heard in the High Court later this month.

Given the fact that libertarian Dave is fighting off creditors on all fronts, its highly unlikely he'll be in any position to buy back the five properties he flogged off to the Christchurch City Council for an exorbitant $17 million.

This dodgy deal was pushed through by Mayor Sideshow Bob and his council supporters like Sue Wells and Barry Corbett = along with council CEO Tony Marryatt

Hendo’s financial woes, of course, throw a big spanner in the works of Mayor Sideshow Bob's 'central city revitalisation' plan.

As Councillor Chrissie Williams has said the plans rely 'too heavily on Henderson's involvement' and Hendo's days as a property developer are surely numbered.


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