The Minister for Social Development has certainly put her foot in it this time.

After two solo mothers criticised cutbacks to a training allowance, Bennett made public details of the benefits being received by the two women, Jennifer Johnston and Natasha Fuller.

In what can only be seen as a blatant attempt to gag two critics of government policy, she has released confidential Work and Income information about them.

This is nothing more than intimidation. It is indefensible.

She has breached the Privacy Act and has done so knowingly.

It also raises questions about her own advisors and the role of WINZ. Did they know what Bennett was going to do? If they did, why didn't they protest?

Bennett has brought into disrepute her own department.

Where does it end? Is the next bolshie beneficiary that Bennett takes an exception to going to find their WINZ files on the front page of the New Zealand Herald?

Bennett must either resign or be sacked by the Prime Minister.


  1. Bennett is the height of hypocrisy on this one, as she used the training incentive allowance herself whilst on the DPB to gain a tertiary qualification:

    Of course, now she'd like to spin that as pulling herself up by her own bootstraps. Perhaps the scheme should be pulled, if only to protect us from future such talent-free-zones making it to Parliament.

  2. More likely in my opinion that Bennett wants to make sure people like me have all the information on the situation. Turns out these women make use of every benefit under the sun - which is of course their right, but I for one am not going to feel sorry for them. Answewr this - did these women plan on telling that side of the story? Did these women plan on getting jobs any time soon? And dont bring up the failed business, all that shows is that they are unable to run a business, learn your leason and go work for someone else.
    Stop bludging my taxes!

  3. Bennett cannot release confidential information about beneficiaries just because she feels like it. It is a abuse of her position.

  4. So dave do you have all the info.
    Like she's broken guidelines from the privacy commissoner and rules from her own cabinet manual.
    Also how much do you know about the efficacy of investment in the DBP? For instance: that there is a direct correlation between the amount of support one gets on DPB and how long one stays on it - the more support - the less time. Or that teen pregnancy numbers have dropped consistently since the DPB was brought in.
    Face it - you're happy she gave information that you THINK supports your prejudices.

  5. What next from this Govt ?

    An ACC recipient complains about something and has their details released for public consumption ?...Why not, they've set a precedent now.

    A member of the Business Roundtable complains about something and has their Tax dealings released to the media?... I don't think so !

  6. Paula Bennett MUST go!
    protest this Saturday at 1pm-


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