The appointment of Laila Harre to the Auckland Transitional Authority has been met with a strange silence by the Labour-leaning blogs. Usually with lots of things to say about other 'safer' things - like John Key - Harre appears to be off-limits.

Other than 'Eddie', who apparently thinks its just peachy that Harre will be overseeing the sacking of hundreds of workers from the various Auckland councils, no-one has had anything to say at all.

What make's it even more strange is that these very same bloggers have been very vocal in their opposition to the supercity project.

Could it be they are embarrassed that Harre has sold out to the National/ACT/Business axis? Or do they still consider Harre to be 'one of their own' - as The Standard's 'Eddie'' so quaintly termed it.

How long will these courageous bloggers be able to just ignore the Laila Harre issue?

Over the new few days we'll be keeping tabs on the The Standard to see how long it can go without mentioning her.


  1. Personally I'm disappointed in Laila. As I said befoe if Andrton hadn't betrayed her and the Alliance she might now be a long standing MP.
    I am, however, interested in giving her the benefit of some doubt. I'd be interested in hearing her articulate her motives and I wonder what she knows that we don't. I look forward hearing from her soon.

    One thing I do know about this Auckland amalgamaton is that Hide and his cronies know nothing about the day to day realities of running a local council. I am concerned for a lot of people who could well lose their jobs but I'm thinking it's there aren't going to be as many redundancies as Ridney thinks there wil be. I suspect this Transition Agency will discover that - hmm - we really do need actual people to do the job of running a council.


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