Just a day or so ago we learned that jolly Roger Douglas has been holidaying around the globe with his wife, courtesy of the taxpayer.

Douglas, who wants to cut spent government by taking the axe, among other things, to what remains of the welfare state, says he is 'entitled' to spend our money on his summer holidays.

This is the same man who doesn't think beneficiaries are entitled to anything more than a pittance and a life of poverty - as well as the usual harassment from Work and Income.

And now we learn that the Minister of Finance has also not been practising what he monotonously preaches.

English is receiving a whopping $1000 a week accommodation 'allowance'.

This allowance is supposedly to compensate non-Wellington based ministers for their accommodation costs while residing in the capital.

But English's $1.2 million Karori residence is his primary home. He and his family live there. His wife is a doctor in Wellington.

English has claimed more than $23,000 for living in the house for the six months to June 30. As deputy prime minister he earns $276,700 a year.

A single person on the unemployment benefit and receiving a modest accomodation allowance is receiving no more than $240-$250 a week.

Bill English, who has been calling for financial 'restraint' in the public sector, doesn't seem to think that he has to practice any of that financial restraint himself.

Like Douglas, English thinks he's 'entitled' to all that cash.

It's all aboard the gravy train with Bill and Roger!

How many other MPs are playing fast and loose with their expense claims?


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