Mayor Sideshow Bob and his council chums have consistently refused to tell Christchurch ratepayers how much of their money was spent on acquiring the 'naming rights' to the Ellerslie Garden show.

While Sideshow Bob was keen to boast of his 'achievement' in purchasing the Auckland show, he's been rather less keen to say how much he paid for it.

The rumour is that Sideshow Bob wrote a cheque for $2 million but he will neither confirm or deny that figure - he's claiming 'commercial sensitivity'.

This an old excuse of Sideshow's and it's just nonsense because the Ellerslie Show has no rival show to worry about.

Which also seems to be the opinion of the Chief Ombudsman Beverly Wakem. She has recommended that the city council tell the people of Christchurch just how much of their money was spent purchasing the so-called 'naming rights'.

The Chief Ombudsman's intervention comes after The Press lodged a request for the information under the Official Information Act.

Sideshow Bob and the city council have another fortnight or so to officially respond to the Chief Ombudsman's recommendation - and are set to go behind closed doors once again to discuss that response.

So much for accountability and transparency..


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