Sideshow Bob and chums demonstrating the size of Tony Marryatt's salary increase.

The fat $80,000 salary increase for Christchurch City Council CEO Tony Marryatt has caused a stink within the Christchurch City Council.

Council workers are angry that Marryatt got a massive 22 percent salary increase

Adding salt to the wound is the fact that council workers have been given a dismal 2.7 per cent pay rise for both the 2009-10 and the 2010-11 financial years.

I talked with one member of the Southern Local Government Officers Union. The union represents approximately 1400 council workers.

He told me that he was not happy with the small increase and nor were his workmates but they had grudgingly accepted that it was best they could hope for in the economic circumstances.

'I think the union did their best but the increase is no way adequate. I think its a token gesture.'

The Press reported today that the council's pay offer was 'zero until the eleventh hour'.

My source has also a told me that, despite Mayor Sideshow Bob's claims to the contrary, morale is low within the council workforce and Marryatt's big salary increase had just increased the level of dissatisfaction.

'It's pissed everyone right off. People are asking how Parker can defend a huge wage increase for his CEO then plead poverty and budget restraints when it comes to the council workforce. My own view is that Parker can find the money for his own pet projects but then claims there's nothing for anything else.'

He also dismisses Marryatt's claim that he did not demand a zero or minimal wage increase for the council workforce.

'It's not credible what Marryatt is saying. As CEO he must have a view on wage increases and he would have talked with Parker and other councillors about it. Marryatt is just being evasive.'



  2. Cake for Marryatt,
    but where are the people of Christchurch,
    where are the people who say no,
    where are they,
    how come it is me on the centre right who says no,
    and all of you weaklings on the left are driveling weaklings accepting,
    bow down weaklings,


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