Poor old Sideshow Bob. Now his status as a member of the human race is being questioned.

A new Facebook group has been set up which claims that Sideshow Bob is actually an 'evil space lizard' bent on 'conquest and domination'. Or at least helping out his business cronies in Christchurch.

The Bob Parker is an Evil Space Lizard Awareness Movement already has over two hundred members.

Says the group:

It has come to the attention of the vigilant that former gameshow host and Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker is actually a malevolent extraterrestrial being on a mission of conquest and domination.

We the people must join forces and rise up before this interstellar marauder from Zeta Reticuli, an unconvincing latex mask pulled over his hideous reptilian features, brings Earth to her knees.

It kind of makes you wonder about Sideshow Bob's faithful followers like Sue Wells and Barry Corbett. Is there something we should know?


  1. Not so new actually. It's been going at least since last year.


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