PSA National Secretary Brenda Pilott is concerned. In fact she seems to be permanently 'concerned'.

Let's look at a few examples of Pilott's state of 'concern'.

On the 7 March Pilott said she was 'concerned about more job losses in the public sector and wanted 'more openness in the Government's plans to merge some of its agencies.'

Two days later,on the 9 March, she said she was 'concerned' about the negative impact a $26 5 million budget cut would 'have on the delivery of education services.'

On 11 March Pilott was 'concerned' again. This time she said she was 'concerned' about job losses at the Ministry of Environment and added that it was 'disappointing' that the Government was scaling back important work

But Pilott was less 'concerned' because the 'job cuts were not large in number'. So there was nothing really to worry about this time round.

On the 17 March the dynamic Brenda Pilott sad she was 'concerned' about job losses at the Ministry of Health.

“We’re concerned about the impact of cutting a further 135 jobs at the Ministry of Health on top of the 201 jobs the government cut at the Ministry last year,” she said.

On April 12, commenting on Whanau Ora, Pilott said she was - you guessed it - 'concerned' that contracting private providers to provide social services might be used as way of cutting costs by reducing workers’ pay and conditions.

On the 23 April she continued to be 'concerned' when she said that since there had already been cuts in home help for the elderly she was 'concerned' about what could be next if the Government considered the elderly to be a low priority.

On the 23 June Pilott said that the PSA ' was very concerned the Ministry of Social Development is cutting up to 200 jobs due to a cut in government funding, at a time when unemployment is rapidly rising.'

Yes, Pilott expresses a lot of 'concern' but unfortunately for the workers she is supposed to defend, none of that 'concern' translates into concrete action. She might be 'concerned' about budget cuts and job losses in the public sector but she's not 'concerned' enough to launch any kind of fight back.

And that really is concerning...


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