Given that he campaigned to have the Environment Canterbury councillors sacked and later described this attack on local democracy as 'constructive', you would have thought that Sideshow Bob would have had the courage of his political convictions to face his critics.

Lest night over two hundred people protested outside the Copthorne Hotel in central Christchurch where Environment Minister Nick Smith was giving the annual 'Jenny Shipley Lecture'.

This is basically a chance for the local supporters of the National Party to get together for din-dins and booze the night away.

The politically 'independent' Sideshow Bob showed up.

But with over two hundred people protesting outside the main entrance, Bob tried to sneak into the hotel via a sidedoor.

Remember, this is the same Sidehow Bob who claimed during the 2007 mayoral campaign that his mayoral door would always be open to the people of Christchurch and that he was big on 'accountability'.

Unfortunately for Bob he was spotted by the protesters and he copped his share of the vocal flak.


  1. Next Mayor of Christchurch dude is Jim Anderton.


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