Good old Chris Carter.

He may be facing expulsion from the Labour Party for correctly saying that Phil Goff and Labour can't win next year's election, but he has unintentionally underlined just how right wing this Labour Party is.

Goff, whose leadership is under scrutiny again, has claimed he has the unswerving loyalty of his entire caucus.

It's been made abundantly apparent once again that NO-ONE in Labour is opposed to its support for the free market and neoliberalism. The next journalist or commentator who even dares to mention a 'Labour left' should immediately be placed in the corner of the room with a big dunces cap on the their head.

But wait - there's more!

Goff has also said he has the total support of the CTU.

Of course, we've known this all along but its the kind of thing the CTU is trying to tone down a little given the way Labour screwed over working people last time it was in government.

The CTU bureauccracy are prepared to back Goff even though he refuses to commit Labour to throwing out National's new labour legislation.

I heard slippery Goff on National Radio yesterday. Despite repeated attempts by interviewer Kathryn Saunders to pin him down, Goff remained non committal as whether Labour would repeal the legislation.

Given the fact that Labour never threw out National's Employment Contracts Act, what are the odds that Goff and the Labour Party would not do the dirty on workers again?

Phil Goff and Trevor Mallard might be questioning Carter's mental stability but, boy, you really would have to have a screw loose to claim that Labour is an 'alternative' to National...


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