Having actively cooperated with the Key Government while it has implemented its austerity measures and in the process turfed thousands of workers on to the unemployment scrapheap, the self-serving union fat cats are now asking workers to demonstrate against the Key Government.

The demonstration is planned for Sunday at the National Party conference in Auckland.

While it has done absolutely nothing to resist this Government's anti-worker offensive, the CTU bureaucrats now wants workers to demonstrate at the National party conference against the expansion of the 90 day free to fire legislation to the entire workforce.

The hypocrisy is staggering. The venal and corrupt politics of the union bureaucracy are now laid bare for all to see.

The CTU and the PSA have not - and will not - raise a finger to fight this government but, boy, its an entirely different story when the union bureaucrats think their interests are under threat.

And did CTU President Helen Kelly and her cronies put up any resistance when the original 90 day bill was introduced? No, they didn't. They were quite prepared to sacrifice the smaller non-union workplaces in the hope that the Government would not try to storm their little kingdom's.

And having done eveything in their power to suppress any kind worker fightback, does the CTU they really think people are just going to obediently obey their commands to demonstrate on Sunday? I think many union members will be thinking; 'Yeah well, what have you done for me lately?'

As we know too well from recent history, there has been no bottom line as far as the likes of Helen Kelly and Andrew Little have been concerned. They have sold out workers time and time again.

The expansion of the 90 day fire at will legislation will be another step in the direction of bedding in the low wage economy combined with a vulnerable and complaint workforce. And the CTU and the PSA have allowed this to happen.

Now the bastards want our help?



  1. Normally I would support demo's like this automatically. But given the CTU's failure to lead any kind of fightback against National's austerity policies there is a sense of being manipulated by union officials who have done nothing to defend workers interests.

    National's intention to expand the fire at will liberal agenda cannot be viewed in isolation which is the CTU's ludicrous position.

    This all part of the neoliberal agenda - an agenda, as you point out, the CTU and the PSA have actively cooperated with.

    Even the CTU's opposition is inadequate and piecemeal. They are willing to call for a demon at the National Party conference but why no organised action in the workplaces themselves?

    A fear of jeopardising Labour's minimal chances of getting elected again next year perhaps?

  2. Simply put: Our union leaders are full of sh*t.

    When the LWR jobs were being axed the best the NDU could come up with was a cake stall. Now the union management layer is under threat they start chest beating.

  3. As with POliticians , both local and central govt. I think all these roosters care about is making sure they hang on to THEIR jobs ... and why not ? They get paid for doing jack shit


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