We all know that Sideshow Bob is milking the quake for all its worth and so it comes as no surprise that he is continuing to ponce around in his 'quake' clothes, including that Canterbury jacket that he's taken a liking for.

Has Sideshow no shame? Apparently not.

Meanwhile the debacle that is the five former Dave Henderson-buildings continues.

Sideshow, of course, spent $17 million of ratepayers money, on these five ugly and absurdly over-valued buildings - which Councillor Sue Wells described as 'a very good deal'.

Sideshow forked out $5.7 million for both the northern and southern portions of the former Para Rubber site.

For the last two years that building (along with the other four) has been chewing up even more cash in terms of maintenance costs, etc. It's estimated that a million more dollars has been thrown at these buildings since Sideshow bailed out his mate Hendo.

But now we discover that Hendo - the 'urban visionary' - apparently never got round to doing any earthquake strengthening and Sideshow Bob never bothered to check.

The building was structurally unsafe and has been demolished

The building was only insured for the cost of the demolition. This is also the case with another one of the former Hendo buildings. The Welles Street building is also likely to be bowled over.

It it is kind of appropriate though - the Henderson bailout has proven to be one big disaster from start to finish.


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