Sideshow Bob's disdain for the democratic process was very much in evidence on Monday.

A Radio New Zealand debate in Cathedral Square was effectively sabotaged by Sideshow 'I promise to be more accountable' Bob when he refused to debate with his rival Jim Anderton.

Bob has been trying to avoid answering questions on issues like the Henderson bailout and his attempt to put council rents up by 24 percent and on Monday he insisted that he would only take direct questions from interviewer Geoff Robinson.

Sideshow pulled the same cheap trick on Newstalk ZB'S Mike Yardley last Friday. Anderton made the trip to the Newstalk ZB studio while Sideshow decided he couldn't be bothered making the effort and just phoned in.

Not only would Bob not debate with Anderton he pulled out of the hour-long show twenty minutes before it was due to finish. Yardley could barely conceal his irritation.

On Monday he also told a puzzled Geoff Robinson that he was just 'too busy' to debate with Anderton.

But he's not 'too busy' to appear on television wearing his 'earthquake' jacket - which he hasn't taken off for over a month - or drink coffee with the wife in city coffee shops.

Bob has indeed turned the election campaign into a pathetic sideshow. He has basically given the people of Christchurch the one-finger salute.

What a creep.


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