We now learn that Civil Defence weren't exactly thrilled with Sideshow Bob's media antics in the immediate aftermath of the September 7.1 earthquake.

According to a draft report written by Bob Upton, Environment Canterbury's (ECan) civil defence manager, Bob's hysterical performances in the media distorted the extent of the crisis and helped make returning to some kind of normalcy even more difficult.

The draft report said 'the emphasis on the city mayor appearing in most media opportunities tended to distort the true picture of the extent of the emergency, external perceptions of needs and initial decisions as to appropriate responses'.

It went on to say: "Reliance on mayors as media spokespersons can contribute to an artificial air of crisis that is very difficult to climb down from."

But. of course, it was to Bob's immediate political advantage to create an artificial air of crisis in order to get himself re-elected as mayor.

These draft comments about Sideshow Bob were removed from the final report because it was felt they ware 'too contentious'. In other words, Bob Upton was stepping on the toes of people in high places.

Bob has been acting all aggrieved and says that 'I put my heart and soul into doing what was best for the community.'

This is more self-serving nonsense.

Bob put his heart and soul into doing what was best for Sideshow Bob. That is, and has always been, his guiding philosophy.

And having actively campaigned to get all the ECan councillors sacked, Bob is now claiming the comments will 'further damage ECan's relationship with the city council.'

Bob didn't actually bother to consult his council before making these comments and I doubt that any of the Labour-aligned councillors will be impressed with him putting words into their mouths.

We say congratulations to Bob Upton for having the guts to give us a honest and accurate assessment of Sideshow Bob's Earthquake Media Circus.


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