Normally the most hits this humble blog receives are obviously from New Zealand based readers. Although I recall that a couple of years I got a quick and sudden influx of Canadian readers because something I wrote appeared in a Canadian national newspaper.

At this moment this blog is enjoying some interest from readers in the Russian Federation.

Over the last two days Against The Current has been read by more people in the Russian Federation than here.

This is thanks to my post on RT ( Russia Today), the international news channel, appearing on a Russian news website called inoSMI

inoSMI monitors and translates into Russian articles published in foreign and Western media and, according to Wikipedia, has an estimated readership of 70-90,000.

From some of the comments, (which can lose a bit in translation), I gather the folk over there are proud of RT and are keen that New Zealanders discover it is offering something substantially different in the way of news and current affairs.

I have noticed that our corporate media have shown zero interest in the Russian news channel. What a surprise.

Anyway I'm happy to help out in my small way. And it's been quite enlightening reading the comments. Even if I didn't quite undertand all of them I got the general message.


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