Bob just can't help making things up, can he?

At this afternoon's press conference to announce the inevitable cancellation of the Rugby World Cup games in Christchurch, our hero had this to say:

'We're facing a really long hard winter here in this city of ours,' Poor Bob. He looked so glum. He was obviously thinking about all those photo opportunities that would no longer be coming his way.

'We're' facing the winter of our discontent, Bob? Really?

What problems will you be facing Bob?

Will you be living in a garage this winter, Bob? Will you be living a severely damaged home without water and adequate sanitation? Will you be having to live with the knowledge that you're neighbourhood could be condemned as 'uninhabitable? Will you be one of the 9000-10000 people who will lose their jobs?

Or will you be one of the council tenants out in the Eastside who still have pay rent despite the fact their homes are damaged and they don't have water or adequate sanitation?

I don't think so.

In fact Bob could very well be contributing to 'the really long hard winter' if he goes ahead and puts up the rates by 5.32 percent An- estimated 2.67 percent - would go to covering the debts incurred by the redevelopment of the AMI Stadium. That stadium will now have to have millions more thrown at it to repair the significant structural damage

Bob might want everyone in the Eastside to believe that he is 'sharing the pain' but the reality is something else altogether.

Tell us all about the 'really long hard winter' that you are facing, Bob. Don't be shy.

If you can't do that then I have three words of advice. Just. Shut. Up.


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