Mayor Sideshow Bob thinks that the visit of Prince William, sends a message of 'real optimism' to Christchurch.

Bob, last seen masquerading as Christchurch's new 'working class hero', thinks that the impending visit of British Royalty will give the city 'a sense of pride, faith and optimism'. And, of course, Bob will get himself on national television once again. What next? The cover of the women's magazines? Oh, that's right- he's already done that.

Yes, I'm sure people without homes, without power, without water, and without sanitation will be bursting with pride and optimism merely at the thought of a visit of a member of one of the world'S richest families - and possibly the most useless.

What would make Christchurch people a lot happier is Sideshow Bob not putting their rates up in order to pay for the budget blowout at the AMI Stadium.

And perhaps he could tell council tenants in damaged flats in the 'eastside' that they don't have to pay rent for the next several weeks.

Unlike Bob, most of New Zealand couldn't care less about the Windsors...


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