An estimated half a million people marched in London yesterday to protest the Government's austerity policies.

As columnist Laurie Penny wrote in the New Statesman on the eve of the demonstration:

The business elites have been allowed to vampirise the future, and instead of being made to pay for their mistakes, they brazenly demand more tribute. Our barely-elected representatives cheerfully force us into lines to pay the tithe, breaking the heads of children in parliament square if they refuse to comply. As we get ready to march, a government with little mandate is turning our country into a smooth-running cartel to serve the petulant demands of global finance.

Sound a little like New Zealand today?

So where are our demonstrations? Where is the fightback?

The National-led Government have been allowed to impose severe austerity measures - and there are more to come - without either the CTU or the PSA offering any meaningful resistance. They have surrendered the future to the forces of capital and, yet, have the cheek to begin a campaign to recruit new members!

You, dear reader, are supposed to see voting for the right wing Labour Party as you're political salvation. What a joke. And the joke is on us.

We are being sold down the river yet again by a bunch of over-paid deadbeats masquerading as union 'leaders'.


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