Despite Sideshow Bob's professed 'concern' for the quake victims in the eastern suburbs of Christchurch that concern has not translated into introducing a rent freeze for council tenants. Many of Christchurch's poorest and most disadvantaged people are housed in flats owned by the city council and they have been hit hard by the February quake.

Tenants whose flats have been damaged by the quake were told they must still pay rent. In contrast tenants in houses owned by Housing New Zealand received a three week rent freeze.

Some tenants approached the council for a rent 'discount' Their requests were also rejected.

A fortnight ago Labour MP Clayton Cosgrove wrote to Parker about a rent freeze for council tenants. He has had no response from Sideshow Bob.

'So much for consultation,' wrote Cosgrove in an online newsletter.

Bob has been spouting about 'community consultation' in recent times but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of 'consultation' going on. It seems that Bob will only 'consult' when it suits him.

Meanwhile, despite Bob's pre=election claim that he would be 'transparent and consultative' , the first Christchurch City Council meeting since the February 22 earthquake went into a closed session to discuss what The Press has described as the 'fate of several major subdivisions.'


  1. It's not the only thing being ignored. Looks like if you're one of Bob's mates you can do as you please in the cordon:


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