I don't care who is on the Labour Party list. I just don't care.

The overall consensus from the media commentators, having examined the Labour list from all possible angles, is that it isn't up to much. It's, depending who you read and listen to, 'too boring', too old', 'too lazy, 'too self interested', 'too gay', 'too feminist', 'too Andrew Little', blah blah blah. Did anyone say the list was 'too right wing'? I don't think they did.

This list hands more ammunition to those who argue Labour has been overwhelmed by the ideology of 'identity politics.' But, here's the rub, there's precious little evidence to suggest that a rejigging of the list would lead to anything other than a Labour Party still committed to the ideology of neoliberalism.

That's the elephant in the corner of the room that no one wants to talk about.

This argument has been more about 'the look' of Labour rather than its substance.

It would be foolish to think that there could actually be a socialist on Labour's list and, of course there isn't one. Twenty years ago Michael Bassett, a cabinet minister the fourth Labour Government, commented in an interview that he no longer knew what being a socialist meant.

The 'heirs' of Michael Bassett occupy Labour's 2011 list. Not only do they not know what socialism means they actually have a strong dislike and even hatred for anything that suggests that capitalism is well and truly stuffed.

But its even worse than that. I challenge anyone to look through that list and point to one candidate who professes a loyalty to Labour's traditional social democratic ideology and history. You won't be able to point to one. None of then can conceive of a society that isn't defined by the demands of the 'free market'.

This is the party that sees the loathsome Andrew Little as its future. This is the guy who has described the mild social democratic policies of the Alliance as 'too radical'. This the guy, who as a union 'leader', has sold out working class struggles time and time again.

Someone like Chris Hipkin is also regarded as a representative of Labour's future. On Labour's Red Alert blog he recently wrote:

In conclusion, let’s be clear. There is only one party capable of coming up with new ideas, real ideas, that address the real issues of today and in the future. There is only one party committed to transformation, to positive change, to improving the lives of the ,many not the few. In New Zealand politics today, there is only one caucus with the breadth of talent, ideas and skills to make a difference. And the there is only one leader who can deliver.

It is Phil Goff. Leading the Labour caucus. Leading the next Labour government'

This is the same Phil Goff who remains committed to the failed ideology of neoliberalism. This is the same Phil Goff who says there is no alternative to the 'free market'.

So I don't care who's on Labour's list because it still results in the same right wing Labour Party that we have all come to loathe. We voters get the booby prize everytime.

As a progressive force the Labour Party died a long time ago. But its carcass continues to rot in public. Having done so much to discredit socialism, the Labour Party deserves people like Andrew Little. And Andrew Little deserves the Labour Party.


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