Now that our mate Dave 'Hendo' Henderson has been bankrupted (debts of $140 million), I thought The Hendo Files could finally be closed.

But you can't keep, er, a good man down. Hendo's been back in the news again.

Entering the 'red zone' of Central Christchurch is just about impossible without permission from the Supreme Being. However old Hendo was spotted in the red zone in the week after the earthquake and again last week. He was accompanied by other people.

According to The Press he has also been spotted in the red zone on several other occasions.

What is intriguing about all this is that Hendo appears to have been given permission to access parts of the central city whenever he feels like it. He has been seen showing security a piece of paper at the cordon gate.

This has infuriated central city business owners who have struggled to gain access to the red zone.

So who exactly gave Hendo permission to be in the red zone and why?


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