Times are tough for too many people in quake hit Christchurch but the elected 'representatives' of the good people of this fair city are doing just fine, thank you very much.

Christchurch's city councillors are in line to receive a $2000 wage increase which would take their basic salary to nearly $89,000.

The increase would come at a time when many of the Council's powers have been transferred to the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA).

But we're talking basic council salaries here. There are also the 'add ons' that many councillors receive.

Four councillors in particular are rolling around in a big vat of cash while the queues at the local food banks continue to grow longer.

Councillors Barry Corbett, Sue Wells, Philip Carter and Mayor Sideshow Bob are also merrily double dipping. They receive another $35,000 as directors of Christchurch City Holdings (CCHL).

It's estimated that CCHL work - basically attending meetings and reading a few papers - takes no more than 12-15 hours a month. Let's say fours a week. And for that four hours the financially bloated councillors pocket an additional $670 a week.

This means that Wells, Corbett and Carter are receiving in the region of $124,000. Sideshow Bob's basic mayoral salary is approximately $169,000 and the fees he receives as a CCHL director brings his total salary to over $200,000. He however won't be receiving any salary increase.

Despite receiving an exorbitant $124,000 a year, both Barry Corbett and Sue Wells have found time in their 'busy' schedules to do non council jobs. Corbett has been heard voicing radio commercials while Wells has been doing the in-house commercials for the local New World supermarkets.

Jim Anderton MP had plans to derail the CCHL gravy train but unfortunately he lost the mayoral election last year to an earthquake and a orange safety jacket.

Not all councillors are happy about the proposed wage increase though.

Glen Livingstone says he is not happy with taking extra money when 'so many people have lost their jobs'

Yani Johanson is concerned about further funding cuts to community boards and says he is also uncomfortable about accepting a pay rise.


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