Good news. Scott Dixon didn't win the Indianapolis 500.

It was a close-run thing, but this morning the nation was saved from ugly scenes of media hysterics and chauvinistic nationalistic tubthumping (say that when you are drunk) when Scott Dixon spoiled the media's party by failing to win the Indianapolis 500.

For those of you who don't know and don't really care, the Indianapolis 500 involves a lot of big cars, wasting lots of fuel, going around an oval track 200 times. Whoever is in the front at the end is the winner.

Dixon managed to win back in 2008 which was the catalyst for an orgy of media hysteria and general nonsense. His win was apparently so important that it was the lead story on both the TV1 and TV3 six o'clock news bulletins as well as being front page news in the morning newspapers the following day.

Fortunately this year we have been spared a whole load of media cheerleading because Dixon only got sixth (I think).

So you won't have to put up with the gormless celebratory smiles of Petrie, Barry and co and endure another Mark Sainsbury exercise in bootlicking masquerading as an 'interview.'

Perhaps they might find some time to tell us about the demonstrations in Spain and the new demonstrations breaking out in France...


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