Talkback radio likes to bash the working poor as well as beneficiaries. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Jeremy Parkinson. He thinks the country can't afford to raise the minimum wage, but it can afford tax cuts for the wealthy. Oh, and bail out his boss as well..

Last night I ventured into the land of talkback radio and stumbled across Radio Live's Jeremy Parkinson preaching from his right wing pulpit again.

Parkinson is not a regular host on the low rating station but fills in for other hosts when the need arises. Yesterday was a public holiday so Parkinson was filling in for the regular host on the 10pm-1am.

Parkinson's regular job is producer ( glorified receptionist) on the 9-noon show hosted by the awful Michael Laws. So you know the political views you're going to get from our mate Jeremy ain't liberal.

One of the staple activities of talkback hosts and their followers, when not complaining about dogs, is bashing beneficiaries.

Parkinson has done his share of beneficiary bashing in the past but last night he extended his 'enlightened' views to the working poor.

'We can't afford to raise the minimum wage,' trumpeted Jeremy, who is not happy with Labour's election promise to raise the minimum wage to $15. Jeremy will be voting National in November.

This is not the first rime good old Jeremy had a go at campaigns to raise the minimum wage having previously decried the Unite Union's campaign to have the minimum wage raised also to $15 an hour.

But, according to Parkinson, while 'we' can't afford to help out New Zealand's working poor and their families, 'we' can afford to give tax cuts to the wealthy!

Jeremy doesn't like people disagreeing with him though.

His favourite tactic to stifle contrary views is to cut off the offending caller mid sentence then proceed into another monologue about why he, Jeremy Parkinson, is always right about everything.

During the half hour or so that I listened he employed that tactic on three callers. Then he played some boring Roy Orbison song because Jeremy thinks he's a cool cat who knows what music is all about.

Parkinson - and Radio Live generally = are , of course, on very shaky ground when they indulge in beneficiary bashing and tell us what the country can and cannot afford.

Radio Live is owned by debt-ridden Mediaworks which earlier this year was given a $43.3 million loan from its pals in Government to enable it to renew its radio broadcasting licences for the next 20 years.

So apparently 'we' can afford to bail out Jeremy's employer but 'we' can't afford to raise the minimum wage.

'How much do you get paid an hour?' one caller asked of Parkinson. He refused to say.

It'll be a whole lot more than $13 an hour though..


  1. Steven Cowan, Jeremy Parkinson is a trained journalist with over 20 years of radio production. A Talkback producer is not a receptionist. He formulates the day's programme with the host and vets calls as they come through as well as playing commercials and monitoring news breaks.

    He is an intelligent human being with a great appreciation of music. He has travelled widely and is something of an expert on India.

    What are your qualifications?

    This has been his Dad speaking.

  2. Actually Chris, I've worked with Jeremy, but not yourself.

    He's shockingly right wing, as is Radio Live. Anything which criticises his bosses or his bosses' views he rails against. It amazes me that champions of the free market would not simply accept they are not commercially competitive and give up the frequency to someone who is, rather than accepting their mates' help. Unbelievable.

    A fair wage is a basic human right. Of course it is affordable. What a stupid, ignorant thing to claim.

    I can't say I disliked Jeremy personally, but I certainly dislike his views.

    And yep, having worked for some years in the industry, it is a glorified receptionist. Sorry.

  3. Jeremy Parkinson is a person of little or no relevance.;.. he succumbs easily in debate requiring any integrity.

    The above comment posted by a stealthy observer indicating the tendency of Parkinson to abort or restrict any persons that justifiably disagrees with his (generally bias) opinion is undeniably true.

    Parkinson seeks shelter in surrounding himself with entities he thinks will -- 'shall we say lick his stamps'.
    Fortunately personalities such as Jeremy Parkinson should be digested for what minuscule taste they offer!!

  4. Too funny.... "Daddy they are being mean to me".

    Let's examine the job of a typical receptionist: Managing the calendar/ scheduling for the office with the boss, vets calls as they come through, sending out invoices.... ha ha. Brian Eno is a producer, at best Jeremy is an organizer.

    Intelligent or not, he's a neo-liberal bigot. Working in a foul and loathsome industry, spouting hate and ad-hoc ill-informed opinion couched as expert opinion, mostly preaching to the, devout and brain dead, converted.

    Anyone with an appreciation for music would not waste radio time with that shit.


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