John Key and his chums were in Christchurch this week.

Apparently we citizens of Christchurch were supposed to feel positive and 'uplifted' just because Johnny Key and his cabinet cronies met in the quake-hit city this week. But the sight of police swarming all around the Copthorne Hotel didn't exactly help to encourage that 'warm and cosy glow' that Key was aiming for.

This meeting was an attempt to suggest that things are returning to normal which is far from the truth.

There were about a hundred protesters outside the Copthorne, including people from Unite Union, Action for Christchurch East. the National Distribution Union and the Maritime Union.

Sideshow Bob also showed up for a bit of a chat with his fellow Nats. Bob, as everyone knows, is doing a very good job toeing the government line and he will be suitably honoured in the New Years Honours list for his loyalty and general toadying.

For a first hand report of the protest go here.


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