Blogger Martyn 'Bomber' Bradbury has been booted off a National Radio show for criticising the Prime Minister. Apparently he wasn't 'fair and balanced'.

Blogger Martyn Bradbury is acerbic, passionate and he says what he thinks.

Politically he isn't a socialist. He's left wing in a Mana Party-type way, which in the zealously protected neoliberal hothouse that is New Zealand, that makes him almost radical. It certainly won't get him a job writing opinion pieces for The Press or the NZ Herald.

But, regardless of his politics, when the barricades go up I know he'll be standing on my side. In stark contrast I suspect that some of his fellow contributors to National Radio's 'The Panel'' will be standing on the sidelines, drinking their lattes-to-go and wailing 'Why can't we all just get along?'

Because he isn't a socialist Bradbury was a regular guest on 'The Panel'. He was, apparently, a regular contributor for some ten years.

But because he says what he thinks and because the avenues of dissent in New Zealand are narrowing, he has been axed from the weekday afternoon show.

It seems Bradbury got the Spanish archer because he criticised the Prime Minister in a manner that displeased the top brass at Radio New Zealand.

According to Peter Cavanagh , the big boss at RNZ, Bradbury went too far in his criticisms of Key and that he breached RNZ's 'editorial policies'. This is absurd and the suggestion that what he said was 'defamatory' is even more nonsensical.

You can read what Bradbury said here.

In my view, there is nothing wrong with Bradbury's opinion piece. All he appears to have done is upset Cavanagh's sensitive and fragile disposition . 'The Panel' is an opinion show and Bradbury was expressing his opinion. What exactly is wrong with that?

According to the delicate Cavanagh, Bradbury's comments were not 'fair and balanced'.

Bradbury was giving his opinion on a opinion-based show. Opinion shows, are by their very nature. neither fair or balanced. If I want 'fair and balanced' I'll read the back of the cornflakes box.

Or is Cavanagh talking about being 'fair and balanced' in a Fox News-type way?

Radio Live just doesn't learn or just doesn't care.

After being rightfully lambasted for giving the Prime Minister a free hour long show to promote himself, it is now running a promo for Paul Henry's drivetime show that also features Key.

Amidst the jolly banter, we hear Key declaring to Henry: 'You love me like a brother!"

Henry is a former National Party candidate and during his time on TVNZ's Breakfast crawled up to Key on a regular basis. It looks like he's doing the same thing on Radio Live.
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