More appalling ratings for Kiwi FM...

The numbers are in and, yes, the Mediaworks station Kiwi FM has delivered, yet again, another set of dismal ratings.

For the period 13 August to 24 September the station that is squatting in three valuable government-owned FM frequencies bombed again. Kiwi is consistently delivering the kind of ratings that, if there was any justice, would result it in being told to vacate the premises immediately and work then recommenced in setting up the non-commercial youth radio network.

But that's not about to happen soon so we're stuck with Turkey FM - a station listed as part of Mediaworks stable of commercial stations but which squats in valuable FM frequencies owned by the Government and which it has never paid for.

In Auckland Kiwi delivered the same rotten rating it invariably delivers - 0.1 percent. In Wellington it got 0.5 and in Christchurch Kiwi managed 0.3 percent.

Given that the margin of error is +/- 2.5 percent there is a real possibility no one is actually listening to this station, except perhaps Karyn Hay.


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