Councillor Sue Wells is off on a German wine junket later this month which the good people of Christchurch are being forced to subsidise. The Christchurch ratepayer has also been subsiding her to front a shopping show on a local television channel.

Later this month Councillor Sue Wells is waltzing off to Germany for a week at the expense of the Christchurch ratepayer - despite the fact that the good people of Christchurch have told her that this is simply unacceptable. But Wells, as usual, isn't listening - because she's right and everyone else is wrong.

Funnily enough she has yet to mention her wine junket on her blog . We'll keep you posted when she does.

But this junket is yet another example of Wells cavalier 'I'll do what I like' attitude when it comes to her responsibilities to the people who pay her exorbitant six-figure salary - the good people of Christchurch.

While we have written about her moonlighting as a in-house continuity announcer for both the New World supermarket chain and The Warehouse, this year she has been fronting a half hour shopping show on the regional television channel, Canterbury TV.

Its imaginatively called Susan Sells and it screens every weekday.

While the loyal Sideshow Bob supporter is reportedly not being paid to host the show she is apparently doing it on council time. So, in other words, the good people of Christchurch are subsiding Wells to front a show on a privately owned television channel.

It seems that Sideshow Bob is just fine with Wells less than convincing commitment to her council work. She can go on wine junkets and front shopping shows and its all OK with Bob. But. hey, Sue Wells is a loyal member of Sideshow's 'A team'...


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