Auckland Council CEO Doug McKay doesn't get his own way - like he's used to.

The Auckland authorities have failed, first time round, to evict Occupy Auckland from Aotea Square.

After the Auckland City Council issued them with a trespass notice, Occupy Auckland went off to court. Judge David Wilson agreed that Occupy had not been given sufficient notice to leave Aotea Square and struck out the trespass notice.

So Auckland Council CEO Douglas McKay who told Occupy Auckland 'to forthwith leave and stay away' now has egg on his face.

The judge instead gave protesters a week to prepare for a two-day eviction hearing which will begin on December 7.

Doug McKay has no sympathy with Occupy Auckland and the issues that it is highlighting like poverty and growing inequality.

He is on a total salary package of approximately $750,000 so he won't be heading to a food bank anytime soon.

Previously he has held senior positions in firms like Goodman Fielders, Lion Breweries, Sealords and Independent Liquor.

When he was CEO of Independent Liquor Matt McCarten of the Unite Union wrote to him requesting a modest wage increase for his workers - as they were still on the minimum wage. McKay said no to the wage increase. He also declined to do anything about Impendent Liquor's notorious anti-union activities which included managers intimidating staff.

He is, not surprisingly, a supporter of the National Party.

Meanwhile Occupy Auckland have criticised Mayor Len Brown.

Occupy Auckland spokesperson Chris Glen says Brown has backed away from a commitment he made to Occupy.

“At our latest liaison meeting Len vehemently stated that no immediate action would be taken against the lawful protest action in Aotea Square while discussions were ongoing,”


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