Councillor Wells claims she's writing a report about her recent trip to Germany.

Cate Broughton at the Christchurch Mail has been diligently pursuing Councillor Sue 'Double Dipper' Wells. But Ms Wells, not one to usually shun the media spotlight, has turned down repeated requests for an interview about her recent wine junket - namely attending the annual conference of the Great Wine Capitals network in Germany.

The loyal sideshow Bob supporter seems to have conveniently forgotten that, during last year's local body elections, she promised to be accountable and accessible. But it was always too good to be true. This, remember, is the councillor who told the media that if anyone in her ward wanted to talk to her they could do so while she was doing the shopping or the gardening!

She's the same councillor who declared that she didn't want to represent the good people of Christchurch - she wanted to lead them! In the case of her unequivocal support for the dismal Henderson bailout she led the good people of Christchurch by the nose. The price of her cronyism and stupidity was a $17 million bill for the Christchurch ratepayer.

But Wells is now being forced to write a report outlining the 'benefits' of her German holiday for Christchurch . That report, she claims, will be available at the end of the month. It'll make for interesting reading.

Of course she may not necessarily write the report herself. That job might have gone to either Elizabeth Wilson or Samantha Sii, both council employees. Wilson is the Christchurch/South Island coordinator of Great Wine Capitals while Sii is listed as the Christchurch/South Island administrator.

It seems that these two women get to do all the work while Wells helps herself to the free overseas trips.


  1. For someone who was a prolific user of all forms of social media, she hasn't been very sociable at all for quite some time now.

  2. Gotta love these Trough Feeders. They have no shame & no scruples . Add sue wells (Swells)to the growing list of Trough Feeders in this country ..she can join banks/corbett/brash/button/button etc etc etc in shoving their clammy grabby pudgy fingers into OUR pockets while vilifying anyone who happens to fall victim to their odious politics.

    I've noticed one of the buttons poncing about in a big SUV type vehicle with " donated to button by.... ( Not sure THINK it's donnithorne simms???) " written all over it . What's with that ? Is there a reciprocal thing going on here ? Any favours in return ??
    And we can now all stop buying our new fords from AvonCity Ford on the Sockburn roundabout ..they hosted a lovely big tory hoarding in lead-up to election... oh wait .. WE ( the peasants) don't buy brand new fords ? doh, that's right.

  3. Anyone seen the report yet?

  4. I checked around on Friday. No report has been seen. Are we surprised?

  5. I guess the lil article and pic on the CCC FB page will be considered the detailed report as submitted by the councillor.


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