Michael Laws is Media Clown for 2011.

Michael Laws has been a consistent media clown and he really came through this year to take 'Media Clown of the Year'. Well done, that man!

Laws can normally be heard on talkback station Radio Live berating people who are not 'proper New Zealanders', but he's been off-air since 20 November. Even Radio Live couldn't stomach him telling his redneck listeners that he would shoot journalists if he had a gun. Bashing beneficiaries is ok - advocating violence against journalists isn't.

Laws wasn't particularly happy with the media's performance over the so-called 'Teapot tapes' and fired off a few rounds at the Herald on Sunday for its role in the whole ludicrous affair.

"If I had a gun I'd shoot them - put them out of their misery - because they have gone rabid and they may infect others.", thundered Laws.

He went on to say: "Have you noticed ... the Herald on Sunday for example, which is rabid all the time ... no idea why somebody hasn't taken the shotgun there and just cleaned out the entire newsroom."

In fact Laws doesn't seem to like many people at all. As I commented about him last year he regards himself as '... the good keen man who speaks his mind and fights the good fight against the always threatening mob of beneficiaries , crims, gang members, hopeless Maori parents, druggies, namby-pamby liberals and people who want to introduce an 'h' into Wanganui.'

Laws often refers to people he doesn't like as 'feral' but it seems that it is Michael Laws, trapped on a low rating talkback station, who is the becoming increasingly rabid. Now the low rating talkback station doesn't seem to want him either.

Perhaps he isn't so much a clown but an angry middle aged white male inexorably falling into obscurity as the modern world disappears into the distance.

'Come back, I haven't finished with you yet!" shouts a furious Laws.

But he hasn't quite figured out that the world has finished with him.


  1. Laws is probably taking the time has now has being off the air to try and destroy any and all evidence that he opposed Ruth Richardson's benefit cuts and war on the poor in the early '90's...

    (first time poster)


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