Councillor Sue Wells has failed to release a report on her recent trip to Germany. Are we surprised?

We're still none the wiser as to what Councillor Sue Wells got up to at Great Wine Capitals Global Network conference held in Germany in October.

Despite indicating that a report of her trip would be released at the end of November, Wells has done nothing.

It seems that she is quite happy to spend ratepayers money on overseas trips but not very keen to supply any information on what she gets up to. She claimed that her German wine junket would have 'benefits' for Christchurch but it appears that this has been just more hot air from a councillor who seems to regard the Christchurch City Council as her own personal gravy train. And Sideshow Bob is completely relaxed about it all because Wells is part of his 'A Team' .

A reader though has pointed out that this photo appeared on the Christchurch City Council's Facebook page yesterday. It shows Sue Wells handing out some wine awards. I agree with the reader that this may be the only 'report' we're going to get.


  1. This woman goes on a overseas junket at the expense of ratepayers who are living in a quake-wrecked city. She then declines repeated requests to be interviewed about her trip. Then she lies and says a report about a trip will be available by the end of November. No report, of course, is forthcoming.

    Where is the 'accountability' mechanism for ratepayers to deal with a councilor like this? Her resignation should be immediate but, right now, I'd settle for a way in which she can be held to account by the people who pay her grossly-inflated salary and told in no uncertain terms that her behaviour is unacceptable.

    Her arrogance is astonishing but her disdain for the people of Christchurch shouldn't be tolerated. Of course she protects her back by cosying up to Parker. This woman is a piece of work..


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