During his election campaign, Christchurch councillor Aaron Keown declared that he wanted to stop 'excessive council spending' and that no council employee should get paid more than the mayor.

A reader has pointed out the inconsistencies of Councillor Aaron Keown, who voted for the $70,000 salary increase for unpopular Christchurch City Council CEO Tony Marryatt.

During his election campaign the loyal Sideshow Bob supporter declared that curbing 'excessive council spending' was one of his top five issues. He also declared that no council employee should get paid more than the mayor.

Perhaps Keown could explain why he voted for a big fat increase in Marryatt's salary, which means that 'Tony' now gets well over $200,000 more than Sideshow Bob? How exactly does encouraging a 'culture of excess' in the upper echelons of the Christchurch City Council help to curb 'excessive council spending'?

Clearly we can't trust anything that Keown says.

Meanwhile the hard-working Marryatt is on holiday on the Gold Coast.

It should be also be pointed out that union workers at the Christchurch City Council got no more than a 2.75 percent pay increase - well behind the cost of living. And the council were even reluctant to agree to this, claiming that 'everyone' had to make 'sacrifices' in difficult economic times.


  1. Keown's idea of curbing council spending is axing free internet access at local libraries and outing up the rentals on library DVDs. The guy is a plonker.

  2. Its not 'excessive council spending' when its one of your mates.

  3. If you're not backing Bob you're impeding the recovery. That's Brownlee's latest thinly veiled threat to pull an ECAN on the Council. Mouthbreathers such as Keown will be safe, but when the paranoid scenario plays out we can be sure of one thing: The excesses and ineptitude of Marryatt and Parker will be the excuse, but those who opposed them will cop the public blame.


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