Sideshow Bob and chums demonstrate the size of Tony Marryatt's salary increase. The unpopular Christchurch City Council CEO is getting another $70,000 a year! Councillor Glen Livingstone has described the increase as 'appalling' given Christchurch's financially stricken circumstances

Once again demonstrating the cronyism that pervades the upper echelons of the Christchurch City Council, Mayor Sideshow Bob and his council flunkeys have voted Bob's loyal right-hand man, Tony Marryatt, a massive and unjustified salary increase.

They have voted the unpopular Christchurch City Council CEO a massive 14.4 percent increase - another $70,000. This takes his salary from $470,400 to $538,529, backdated to July this year. In comparison, the Prime Minister gets paid $393,000 a year and many people feel he is paid too much.

Who voted for this increase? There's no prizes for guessing that it was Bob's bunch of sycophantic scoundrels - Barry Corbett, Jamie Gough, Aaron Keown, Ngaire Button, Claudia Reid and Sue Wells.

When Sideshow says 'jump', these clowns ask 'how high?'

Tim Carter, Glenn Livingstone, Sally Buck, Jimmy Chen, Helen Broughton and Yani Johanson voted against the increase. And they are to be congratulated for representing the interests of the Christchurch community

Back in 2009 Marryatt received an $80,000 salary increase and I wrote at the time:

This disgraceful increase for Marryatt should be considered against official data that shows that real wages in New Zealand declined approximately 25% between 1982 and the mid 90s and have never recovered. Wages still lie 25 percent below their peak in 1982 - while costs have continued to rise.

Since then, of course, Christchurch has been hit by a series of devastating quakes and times are now even tougher. This increase is a insult to the good people of Christchurch.

Marryatt's salary has now increased, incredibly, nearly 45 per cent during his four years at council. In an age when austerity policies are being imposed on most of us, Marryatt's extravagant salary is simply a disgrace.


  1. The worst player in this affair has to be Aaron Keown. He says he believes no council employee should get more than the mayor! Try voting that way then, Aaron.

  2. yup...done behind closed doors... they are SO arrogant now they're beyond caring what we think . arrogant...greedy..and as for that dickhead ..old mr " i'll curb council spending" keown ..what a wanker..what a moron...i LOVE this comment from the Press Online comments section by 'maxine'...she is 100% correct ...
    " You people say this - but you keep voting these traitors in!! what is wrong with you. It is time for revolution. Pick your side, grow some balls and let them know what you really think. In the immortal words of the Rolling Stones...... "Hey! think the time is right for a palace revolution But where I live the game to play is compromise solution Well, then what can a poor boy do....''

  3. I thought this was a joke for awhile, turns out its true.
    F*C***G Shocking, I don't see why they can't get paid the average median wage of the country. I mean, you get into politics because your a PEOPLE person therefor motivated by people, not profit.

  4. Am i one of the only ones who finds it extremely disturbing that 3 of those who voted in favour of this increase are fellow directors with Marryatt on a company, and yet failed to acknowledge any conflicts and exercise abstensions due to their sharing of equal status on another board?


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