Christchurch councillor Sue Wells is blogging again - but there's no mention of her recent raepayer-funded junket to Germany.

Readers might be interested to know that Christchurch councillor Sue Wells , after a long absence, has started blogging again - well, she wrote something for December 12. She's also cropped up again on Twitter

As predicted she makes no mention of her recent European escapade. We Christchurch ratepayers got to pay for her junket to a wine 'conference' in Germany where she, apparently, spent her time pouring glasses of wine, handing out awards and sightseeing.

Wells told a local newspaper that she was writing a 'report' on her trip to Germany and it would be available at the end of November. Surprise - no report has emerged. Remember this is the same councillor who told voters that 'accountability' and 'transparency' were a priority for her. Obviously they are only a priority when they are not personally inconvenient. She seems to think that if she doesn't mention her German holiday ever again, everybody will forget about it. Which means I will be mentioning it on a regular basis in 2012.

Wells, being a loyal Sideshow Bob supporter, voted for the massive $70,000 increase in Tony Marryatt's salary. She also voted for his $80,000 salary increase in 2009.

Wells, of course, also voted to bail out failed property developer Dave Henderson to the tune of $17 million - while at the same time voting to put council rents up 24 percent and cutting council funding to community groups.

Sue Wells is no brighter than she looks but, disturbingly, she harbours mayoral ambitions. Perhaps voters will do the decent thing next time round and vote her out of office.


  1. On Dec 14 she mentioned a hair salon on her FB who do her hair as a way of supporting CTV. So not only are we rate payers paying for her to appear on CTV but she's also getting free hair do's because as she puts it this company want to support CTV.

  2. I'm sure that Gerry Brownlee will have something to say about Wells working on CTV and helping to hold up the quake recovery process.

  3. Steve, How can sue be holding up recovery when she clearly did not see the DCCP as a priority when flirting off to drop a few chad's. No councillor attended the Cathedral Deconsecration as the DCCP took precendence, as expouted by Bob... Yet this very major and important Wine Junket took a councillor out of DCCP deliberations... All ammo fo next elections and those that will hopefully act as the sale of century to one or more particular political careers.


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