Bob gets all agitated about Occupy...

Mayor Sideshow Bob has attacked Occupy Christchurch and demanded that the group move from South Hagley Park - or be forcibly moved by the city council.

According to Sideshow, who appears to have appointed himself as arbiter of all that is right and wrong, Occupy Christchurch ' have a had a really good opportunity to demonstrate and make their opinions known, but there's a time when they have to move on.'

But Bob, despite the bluster, knows he presently has no legal powers to remove the protesters. He admits that he is waiting for the legal ruling on Occupy Auckland's continued occupation of Aotea Square.

Occupy Christchurch say they have no intention of 'moving on' - so suck on that, Bob.

Of course Bob, a loyal supporter of the National Government, is hardly a fan of the aims and aspirations of the Occupy movement. He is, after all, the mayor who tried to put council rents up nearly 24 percent while at the same time bailing out property developer Dave Henderson to the tune of $17 million. He's also the mayor who cut funding to community groups - claiming that it was no longer 'affordable'. But, despite pleas of 'budget restraints' he still managed to find $5 million to pay for the naming rights to an Auckland garden show.

It is also interesting to observe that while Sideshow has a lot to say abut Occupy, he has had nothing to say about certain councillors who go on overseas junkets at the expense of the ratepayer. Of course Sue Wells isn't a bloody lefty and is one of his loyal supporters..


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