On two of the nine weekends that Christchurch City Council CEO Tony Marryatt said he was working, he was actually playing golf.

Thanks to a tip-off, the Christchurch Press has revealed that on two of the weekends that Tony Marryatt said he was working, he was actually out on the golf course. Link
His golfing records on the golf.co.nz website reveal that he played golf at Clearwater Golf course on April 2 and 9.

This revelation about his weekend activities has seen Marryatt backpedaling at a rapid rate of knots.

He says that when he said he was working weekends it didn't mean that 'I was working 10 hours for each day.' and that he played golf to 'clear my head'.

On April 2, while Marryatt was clearing his head. council staff were fighting to prevent the city's sewerage system collapsing.

Marryatt has also resorted to one of Sideshow Bob's favourite ploys, namely blame everything on some shadowy conspiracy to undermine him.

He wants us to believe that the poking around in his golfing records, is all part of a 'smear campaign' which is part of a wider campaign to have the entire council sacked and replaced by commissioners.

He doesn't actually produce any evidence to back up his claim though. In fact the only person who has publicly hinted at sacking councillors is Quake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee. Its hardly credible that one of Sideshow Bob's closest political allies is conducting a smear campaign against Marryatt.

Marryatt is simply blowing smoke and everyone knows it.


  1. Brownlee has given tacit approval to Marryatt's obscene salary increase by declaring it a matter for the Council. This was at the same time that he issued his threat to use his extraordinary powers to intervene in Council matters, by warning the very Councillors who'd opposed the Council's extraordinary largesse to its CEO to "get behind" Bob Parker.

    Here's the furtive Marryatt taking part in a photo op on the occasion of the presentation of a cheque for $21,000 to the Mayoral Relief Fund:

    Shortly afterwards the Hagley Golf Club received $40,000 from this same fund. Now the golf club may be a perfectly deserving organisation if the full facts were known, but the involvement of a bona fide moral bankrupt such as Marryatt is indefensible. The man who grosses $10,000+ each week courtesy of the citizens of Christchurch prattles about having a 'philosophy' of not donating to charity. According to online golfing records he's also been playing during working hours, presumably to 'clear his head'.

  2. All of a sudden any information for days earlier than 3/1/2012 has been removed from golf.co.nz/MyGolf/Scores. An attempted search returns the message "Oops, we found the bunker."

  3. Still available, thanks to the excellent Deep Red (http://kumararepublic.blogspot.com/} and his Google cache dark arts:

  4. Webcache FTW! Clicky for his golf info

    Note, Marryat was playing golf on the 4th and 9th of April. So the whole "working 9 weekends in a row" thing was a barefaced lie. Not that working 9 weekends in a row shouild be an extraordinary sacrifice for a person earning nearly half a million a year anyway.

  5. I went through his golf records before they took them down... not only was he lying about working ALL weekend and having no weekends off BUT since the September quakes he had played ( by my count ) about 4-5 games ( and I could have missed some, don't have time to be trawling through - appalling - golf records of toffs ) DURING the week ... Mondays, tuesdays and a thursday ...
    I'm appalled that NZ golf has removed records ( is that right ?) would anybody else have the sway to get records removed ?

  6. The link in the above article still points to Marryatt's golf records.


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