Some desperate Canterbury homeowners are setting fire to their homes to claim insurance, the Insurance Council boss says.

Arsonists were responsible for 100 fires across Christchurch in March, including 19 in houses or other structures, Fire Service figures show.

Since September 2010 there have been 1264 deliberately lit fires.

Insurance Council chief executive Chris Ryan said fraud committed by desperate homeowners was behind the increase in deliberately lit fires.

"We have seen it, but not to a great extent ... They have not got enough insurance to cover earthquake damage, so they pick up more insurance when a fire happens soon after that."

Ryan said he was not aware of police charging anyone over an insurance fraud case relating to quake-damaged homes.

"It's really only anecdotal, but insurers are very much aware there is a degree of fraud, not just in Canterbury. It happens everywhere." The Press, 24 April

Credit: Porcupine Farm


  1. At least the arsonists are cleaning up the west side of Christchurch to some degree. Its a shame that our council are less productive than nutter with a cigarette lighter.
    The Ellerslie International Bob Parker Advert finished weeks ago, but every day I try to bike through Hagley park and the paths are still blocked due to the mess. How much is that clean up costing? I can accept that those posh twats need to spend millions to look at some flowers, but can they please limit my suffering to a week, rather than months? wonder uninhabitable houses still need to their rates paid - Chch has to provide for the selfish needs of the rich.


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