Bob wants a big pineapple and a gigantic cow!

First the book and now..the movie. Well, not exactly. Rather its Sideshow trying to 'convince' Australians to come to Christchurch and see the sights.  I think that's what he's trying to do because this three minute  video is bizarre.

Sideshow Bob  tells  his 'personal  secretary' that tourists are 'flocking' to Christchurch (yeah, right) but not the Australians!  Bob tells us that Australians have 'big pineapples'.  Bob wants a 'big pineapple' for Christchurch but not any old pineapple - he wants the big pineapple. He also wants a huge Merino sheep in the Botanic Gardens and 'a gigantic cow'. Has Bob been taking drugs?

And who is this guy 'Keith Englebaum' (?) who claims to be Bob's personal secretary? Bob doesn't seem to know who he is either because he calls him Heath.

One minute he's driving down a city street then, mid sentence, he is in Sumner! 

Keith / Heath's job, says Bob, is to find a place in Christchurch 'to put this big Australian thing'. Keith / Heath wants somewhere to stick 'a big chicken'...

This is truly awful and there are a further two episodes on Canterbury Tourism NZ's You Tube channel which I haven't yet watched. One episode at a time is more than enough.

This is a hopelessly inept attempt at comedy and unlikely to encourage any Australians to come to Christchurch anytime soon. It's definitely a complete waste of money. A BIG waste of money.


  1. I'm speechless. I'd like to tell Bob not to give up his day job but I can't, since I want him to give up his day job as well.

    Seriously, want is this video trying to achieve? Big pineapples??? Bob is nuts.

  2. CRINGE ..CRINGE ..CRINGE .. do they really think Aussies are THAT stupid that this D-Grade advert will entice them to ChCh ?? Really ?? Seriously ???


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