When it comes to the Key government, Sideshow Bob's motto is 'see no evil, hear no evil.'  So it has been up to local Christchurch groups to organise protest action against the cancellation of the 2013 Environment Canterbury elections.

Given the usual lack of leadership coming from the mayor's office, once again it is  community groups that are  organising opposition to the Government's outrageous decision to cancel the 2013 elections for Environment Council

Having actively  campaigned for the sacking of the Ecan councillors in 2010, the good people of Christchurch are stuck with a mayor who supports the government's  decision to  deny the good people of Christchurch their democratic rights.  His refusal to comment has fooled no one. 

Bob always has plenty  to say when he can show the Key government in a good light but he is nowhere to be seen on all other occasions - and the cancelling of the 2013 Ecan elections is another one of those occasions.

Bob's failure to defend the interests of the people who  pay his inflated salary is something the residents of the eastern suburbs are very familiar  with.   Outrageous  rent hikes? Bob's got nothing  to say. Lack of housing? Bob 's got nothing to say. The Government stripping the assets of Christchurch on behalf of big business ? Bob's got nothing to say.

But he's got plenty to say about his wife having to pay her own travel expenses on their 'Sister Cities' holiday.

Similarly  Bob's   supporters on council have also failed to defend the interests of local people.  If there's any justice,  opportunists and careerists like Sue Wells, Barry Corbett and Ngaire  Button will be booted out of office at the next election  They're slavish loyalty to the Government has been abysmal, their failure to defend local interests has been reprehensible.

So with no leadership being provided by Sideshow Bob,  the political resistance is being organised at the grassroots level. 

On Wednesday September 19 the people of Christchurch and Canterbury  will gather at the Bridge of Remembrance at 5.30pm  to 'say YES to local democracy and NO to the suspension of Ecan elections' .


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