Not all Christchurch City councillors are in favour of being paid twice. Glen Livingstone, Yani Johanson and Jimmy Chen have made a stand against double dipping.

In October of last year an attempt was  made to  stop councillors picking up directors' fees for sitting on council-controlled organisations.

It was proposed that the council adopt the draft Christchurch City Council Policy on the Appointment and Renumeration of Directors

The motion was moved by Barry Corbett and seconded by Helen Broughton, both allies of Sideshow Bob.

Glen Livingstone moved an amendment :

That Councillors appointed to Directorships, do not receive Director’s fees, for the reason that staff appointed to Directorships would not receive Director’s fees, reflecting their being appointed as part of their service to the city.

This amendment was seconded by Jimmy Chen but was lost by 3 votes to 9:

For (3): Councillors Chen, Johanson and Livingstone
Against (9): Councillors Broughton, Buck, Button, Carter, Corbett, Gough, Keown, Reid and the Mayor.

Sue Wells was not in attendance at the meeting but since she is one the chief  beneficiaries of the present double dipping, she would of also voted against the amendment.

It's also worth noting that Aaron Keown   voted against Glen Livingstone's amendment. This is the same Aaron Keown who said during his  election campaign that he wanted to  'rein in excessive council spending.' It was one of his five main policy planks.

Apparently reining in excessive council spending doesn't  apply to councillors themselves.


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