Here's a great site for people wanting to learn more about Marxism and left wing thought generally.

The Online University of the Left  promises to become  an important educational and resource site for the left.

Why the need for the OUL?  The founder of the website, Carl Davidson, says:

'Many people know the internet is full of instructional treasures for educating activists new to the left--and for the ongoing education of elder comrades as well.

One problem, however, is that these little gems are scattered far and wide, often in obscure places. It's a tedious task, even with Google and other research tools, to find and sort through them, making them handy and useful to key audiences. Enter the Online University of the Left. One of the OUL's key aims is to solve this problem of scattered resources, creating a web portal that will bring much of this valuable material together in one spot in cyberspace.'

While the OUL's core orientation is Marxist it also embraces the full range of views  that can be found on  the left.

Comments  Davidson : 'The site is organized into academic departments-each with dozens of video lectures and documentaries, archives with the entire range of theory and analysis of hundred of writers, and study guides and course outlines.'

And the added bonus is that  it's all free.

OUL also has  ability to hold lectures, classes and discussion groups in real time through video-conferencing. There will be a small fee to cover costs.

 Check Out OUL and spread the word.


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