It's all over for New Zealand's latest political couple! 'New Zealand's leading left wing commentator' (Paul Henry) has ended his love affair with Labour leader David Shearer - after only a few weeks.  A tearful Chris Trotter has handed back the engagement ring and is now looking for someone to take Dave's place. Who will be the lucky chap?

It lasted but a short few weeks but Chris 'Hot To Trot' Trotter's torrid  love affair with Labour leader David 'I'm Your Man' Shearer has  come to an abrupt end. They tried for a third way but Trotter said it was 'No  Way!' So the two right wing social democrats have called it a day.

'What a fool I was!' declared a heartbroken  Trotter in a recent post. 'How can I continue with someone who only rates at 31 percent?'

Trotter has privately told friends that he may have no political credibility left but at least rotten  Dave is now out of his life. Forever. Possibly.

But Trotter's simple faith in Labour remains undimmed and he  is  apparently looking for a new political leader to take Dave's place. Who will be the lucky chap? Chris is playing coy for now but the folk at the Eduard Bernstein Weekly say that David 'Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?'  Cunliffe could be Trotter's new squeeze...


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